16 Jun 2011

Outgoing Fiji Rugby CEO says board wanted new direction

3:09 pm on 16 June 2011

The outgoing Chief Executive of the Fiji Rugby Union says he's stepped down because the new board wants to move the organisation in a different direction.

Keni Dakuidreketi quit his post yesterday after ten years of service as a board member, chairman and chief executive.

He admits it's often been tough and in recent months has expressed his frustration at Fiji being unable to select their best players for tournaments in New Zealand and Australia because of travel bans on players linked with the military.

Mr Dakuidreketi says he accepts that the new board had different ideas for the future and he doesn't want to stand in their way.

"Decided that it's probably the appropriate time to make way and let them charter the new course for Fiji Rugby. I've been here long enough - it's a new board and of course they have new aspirations. I'm not quite sure what they have in plan but, you know, it will happen without me now and they'll put new people in place and they've got new aspirations for Fiji Rugby."

Keni Dakuidreketi.

The FRU Board will meet on Saturday to discuss the options for a replacement CEO.