6 Jun 2011

Weaver recognised for keeping art form alive in New Zealand

11:15 am on 6 June 2011

A master weaver has been awarded the Queen's Service Medal for representing New Zealand at various art events and in sharing her knowledge of the artform in her community.

Misa Emma Kesha says she couldn't believe it when she received a letter notifying her of the award and says she's very humbled that her community vouched for her.

The 70-year-old came to New Zealand when she was 18 years old and started to miss the craft, which was a daily activity for women in Samoa.

"I remember growing up women were just laughing and talking about their journeys telling their stories and it was the happiest time and same here. When I go out and deliver my workshop I enjoy making new friends."

Emma Kesha set up the Multicultural Weavers Association in Dunedin in 1983 and has since been involved in building numerous organisations in weaving and the arts.