30 May 2011

American Samoa's Governor ends working hours reduction

9:55 am on 30 May 2011

American Samoa's Governor, Togiola Tulafono, has ended the reduction in hours for government employees.

In a memo released yesterday, the governor said that due to increased actual revenues and savings realized from austerity measures, the reduction in hours for government employees will end from Monday.

The governor thanked all affected employees for their patience and understanding during what he said were these past critical months.

The reduction in work hours affected 2,583 employees paid with local monies.

The cutback ranged from four hours for those making under $20,000 to 12 hours for those earning more than $62,000.

The governor cautioned that the American Samoa Government is not yet clear of its financial woes therefore all other austerity measures including but not limited to suspension of non-essential hiring and travel, pay increments and promotions and rationing of gas vouchers for government vehicles will remain in effect.