23 May 2011

Niue plans changes to tax system

1:34 pm on 23 May 2011

The Niue government is planning personal income tax cuts while also extending the reach of the island's National Consumption Tax, which is imposed on all goods and services.

Last week, Toke Talagi was reconfirmed as premier for a further three-year term and he's planning to drop the threshold at which businesses must register for NCT to those with an annual turnover of 75,000 New Zealand dollars.

Previously it only applied to businesses with turnover of over 200,000 dollars a year.

Mr Talagi says the proposed changes still need to be worked through to measure what revenue they'll generate.

"With the increase in the number of tourists that we are hoping to achieve I'm hoping that that will contribute to more NCT by way of services that tourists use and so on. In some respects it's a careful approach, it's a conservative approach but at the same time looking at opportunities that are available to us that we can take advantage of and increase our revenues even more."