20 May 2011

Proposal to merge French Polynesia's electorates

8:16 am on 20 May 2011

The law commission of the French Senate has proposed merging French Polynesia's six electorates into one.

The legislature in Paris is in process of changing French Polynesia's electoral system for the next election due in two years.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"In a bid to increase political stability, France is changing French Polynesia's electoral system for the fourth time in eight years. And to forge territorial unity, a single electorate is to be formed, with voters expected to go to the polls in two rounds to choose a 57-member assembly. Dozens of proposed amendments are still on the table and the lawmakers are yet to decide on the number of bonus seats to be awarded to the winning list. The veteran politician Gaston Flosse has called for elections to be brought forward to November, which would bring an early end to the fourth Oscar Temaru-led government formed last month."