20 May 2011

Vanuatu PM views fresh elections as key to end instability

8:12 am on 20 May 2011

A spokesperson for Vanuatu's Prime Minister says Sato Kilman's indicated that the wisest solution to the ongoing political instability is for the country to go the polls.

An advisor to Mr Kilman, Richard Kaltongga, says the Prime Minister has the numbers to survive the opposition's motion of no confidence today.

But he says that's no guarantee members will not move more motions or engage in further game playing.

Mr Kaltongga says he's unsure if the Prime Minister will seek the dissolution of parliament before the motion, but he's definitely given thought to it.

"Because the government and the political situation in its current state, it's very hard to do anything, you spend more time fighting over numbers rather than doing the work that you are paid to do by the state."

Richard Kaltongga says it's also possible the Prime Minister could ask the head of state to dissolve parliament after the no-confidence motion.