18 May 2011

New judicial code of conduct for Niue

2:59 pm on 18 May 2011

A judicial code of conduct is being produced for Niue for the first time.

The local judiciary has recommended publishing such a code, stating the standard of behaviour and principles expected of judges, commissioners and justices of the peace.

A barrister and magistrate from England, Kerin Pillans, who is a consultant for the Pacific Judicial Development Programme, is drafting the code with local JPs and commissioners.

"The code of conduct requires judges to be first of all independent, not to be subject to influence by anybody; that's without fear or favour, part of the judicial oath which most people are familiar with. Judges must be impartial."

Kerin Pillans says she hopes the code of conduct for Niue will reinforce the confidence of JPs and commissioners and better inform the public of the judiciary's responsibilities.