16 May 2011

Fiji restricts baby formula marketing

2:29 pm on 16 May 2011

Limits to the advertising of baby milk formula in Fiji are due to be enforced next month as the government promotes breastfeeding.

A Health Ministry spokesperson, Peni Namotu, says it wants babies from birth to six months of age to be exclusively breast fed.

He says the Food Safety Act is aimed at limiting advertising and promotion of breastmilk substitutes and retailers have had a year's warning before penalties are enforced next month.

He says there has been mixed reaction to the move.

"Some of the retailers are giving their support, their full support to the Ministry of Health and we're looking at this as something that will benefit not only the government of Fiji but also the generation of the Fijian children of tomorrow."

Peni Namotu says retailers have two weeks left to get their acts together and comply with the regulations.