6 May 2011

Niue's Talagi seeks further term as premier

8:07 am on 6 May 2011

The caretaker premier of Niue, Toke Talagi, says he's hoping he'll remain as the country's leader after this weekend's election, but he says the island's elections can be hard to read.

Mr Talagi was the highest polling candidate on the common roll in the previous election and has since pushed a major tourism development funded with New Zealand aid.

Many on the island back the development as a way to create a sustainable economy, but others, such as a former premier, Young Vivian, say Niueans could find themselves left behind with outsiders getting the opportunities.

Mr Talagi says he's mindful of the criticism and while foreigners' skills are needed, openings will be created for Niueans.

"There is a commitment on our part, and the New Zealand government's part, that we should source everything possible, locally, in other words, use local traders and so on who might be able to source things, use local trades and ensure that they will also derive benefits from these projects."