4 May 2011

Marijuana dispensary unrealistic for Hawaii public safety officials

1:44 pm on 4 May 2011

Hawaii's public safety for law enforcement says a marijuana dispensary as proposed in a bill was unrealistic.

The bill died because a conference committee of House and Senate lawmakers couldn't agree on how to start one.

Hawaii has similar laws to ten other U.S. states, which allow cannabis to be used by patients diagnosed as having a debilitating medical condition causing severe pain and nausea.

But dispensing cannabis for medicinal purposes in Hawaii remains problematic.

The deputy director of public safety for law enforcement, Keith Kamita, says his department lacks the resources.

"Another side of that bill would've been that public safety regulate the dispensaries. Public safety's view was that we couldn't do this bill, basically because of the violation of federal law. Further, that they gave no manpower or funding to do it."

Keith Kamita says the bulk of residents that are certified to use medical marijuana in Hawaii, appear to be in their 20s and 30s.