4 May 2011

Drastic hike in all petrol products in American Samoa

11:22 am on 4 May 2011

A drastic hike in prices for all petrol products in American Samoa has gone into effect this week, sending retail prices for gasoline to more than 4 US dollars 40 per gallon.

The government's petroleum officer, Sione Kava, says the new hike for gasoline is at 18 cents per gallon, diesel fuel at 17 cents per gallon and jet fuel/kerosene at 15 cents per gallon.

Mr Kava says the ongoing political turmoil and unrest in the Middle East and North African countries, prompting continued increases in oil prices plays a key role in the ongoing hikes for petroleum products since the beginning of the year for American Samoa.

As of early this week the gasoline prices average at between $4.41 to $4.47 per gallon.