3 May 2011

Workshop to discuss what changing weather patterns mean for farmers

1:37 pm on 3 May 2011

Scientists from around the Pacific will learn about assessing climate change and its impact on agriculture during a workshop in Fiji over the next three weeks.

It's been organised by the United Nations Development Programme's Pacific Centre in collaboration with other regional agencies that have an interest in climate change and its impact on food production.

Karen Bernard from the UNDP says it's the first gathering of its kind in the Pacific and they've brought in top international experts on the weather's effect on agriculture.

She says many in the Pacific are just trying to feed their families or earn a modest living from plantations but that's becoming more challenging.

"Climate change is changing all of that so you might have droughts or dry patterns or you may have sea level rise and the water becomes very salty, the ground water, or you may have different rain fall patterns so that's what people in the Pacific need to understand, so they'll be able to deal with all of that."

Karen Bernard says people can adapt by changing their growing techniques, and choosing more robust foods to grow.