28 Apr 2011

Vanuatu's ousted government to ask for dissolution of parliament if reinstalled

3:36 pm on 28 April 2011

Vanuatu's ousted government plans to ask the President for a dissolution of parliament if it is reinstalled by the Supreme Court today.

The Court is to rule on a constitutional application by the former government of Sato Kilman challenging the Parliamentary Speaker's decision to rule as successful a motion of no-confidence against it in last Sunday's extra-ordinary session.

Only 26 of the country's 52 MPs voted to oust Mr Kilman, which the opposition claims falls short of the absolute majority required by the constitution to pass the motion.

Before the vote, Mr Kilman had asked for the dissolution of parliament but was turned down.

A member of his group, Ralph Regenvanu, says the political situation has become untenable:

"When we get back in government we will, again, ask for dissolution as one of the only ways out... unless something miraculous happens with the numbers, a big group comes over or something. So we will continue to pursue dissolution as a way out of this otherwise if the numbers stay strong as they are, we're not going to see a stable government in Vanuatu for this year."

Ralph Regenvanu