26 Apr 2011

American Samoa's Manu'a doctor calls for new awareness

2:31 pm on 26 April 2011

The sole doctor serving American Samoa's Manu'a Islands, Dr Malouamaua Tuiolosega, is trying to change the mindset of his patients about health care.

He says many of the ailments that bring patients to the clinics are conditions that can be prevented and taken care of at home.

Dr. Tuiolosega says he devotes a lot of time to talking with his patients trying to change their psychology about health.

And he says one of his main messages is that the patient must be responsible for their own health and being healthy doesn't mean you're never sick.

"People must remember that hospital or clinic is where very sick people come to, meaning they bring their diseases with them, and I encourage people, especially mothers, there is stuff you don't bring you children to clinic for, because you bring them with something minor and they could leave with something more serious."