21 Apr 2011

NZ's ECPAT says agencies working on three phased approach in child trafficking

8:19 am on 21 April 2011

The New Zealand chapter of the international organisation ECPAT says it's working on more substantive research being done into child trafficking in the Pacific region.

The Australian Institute of Criminology has just released the findings of its study, saying little is known about the extent and nature of child trafficking in the Pacific region and further research is needed.

ECPAT is an international organization that deals with awareness programmes and campaigns to end child prostitution, pornography and child trafficking.

The organisation's New Zealand director Alan Bell says at the moment, most evidence is anecdotal and Pacific nations are particularly vulnerable having softer border and legislative controls.

He says a variety of agencies are working on a three phased approach.

"Which will include a literature review, and then an organisational review just to establish what we already do know. And using the outcome of that, we'll then move into a third stage, if there is sufficient evidence, to do some thorough research into the issue. And trafficking can happen both across borders and within the country, so we'd want to have a look at those, in particularly in relation to child trafficking into the sex industry."

ECPAT New Zealand's Alan Bell.