19 Apr 2011

Guam's govt was snubbed by visiting US Senators says Governor

9:11 am on 19 April 2011

The Governor of Guam says the island and its government has been snubbed by a group of US senators who landed in the territory in secret on yesterday.

Governor Eddie Calvo says Guam was not informed that a 15-strong contingent of senators including the Senate majority and minority leaders would be visiting.

He says he's since been told the US Senators will not hold any meetings or discussions with Guam leaders or the Guamanian people.

The Governor says their actions reinforce Guam's long-held belief that it's an American colony of second-class citizens who matter only when their geopolitical position is needed by the U.S. government.

He says it's another compelling reason why he and others are calling for a vote of self determination.

The incident comes as the US government prepares to transfer thousands of US marines from Japan to Guam.