16 Apr 2011

Fiji's FICAC says massive increase in people reporting corruption

10:19 am on 16 April 2011

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption says its work is gaining momentum and that the public is playing an increasingly supportive role.

In its four years of operation, FICAC has achieved 27 convictions.

The latest came this week, with a leading Fiji businessmen, Mahendra Patel, the 71-year-old head of Motibhai Limited, sentenced to a year in jail for abuse of office in his role as Fiji Post chairman.

FICAC's spokesperson, Erica Lee, says another 21 corruption trials are scheduled to be heard this year.

"There's a massive increase in people reporting corruption and this obviously shows that there is confidence in the work that we do. The whole issue of anti-corruption in Fiji is alive. People are supporting fighting corruption and trying to do something about it."

Erica Lee says last year FICAC received 9,200 corruption complaints.