14 Apr 2011

Polynesia canoes ready for Auckland to Hawaii voyage

3:19 pm on 14 April 2011

Five traditional Polynesian canoes are about to leave Auckland on their first leg of a journey across the Pacific.

The aim of the trip is to raise awareness about rising sea levels, noisy oceans and the damage that human activity is causing the environment.

The Samoan va'a, the Gaualofa, has packed in at least 600 kilos of organic food to last them from New Zealand to Hawaii.

Skipper Marc Gondard, says at least they'll still eat, should they fail to catch any food along the way.

Ninety percent of our food, our stock, is organic. And that's because the comment about the project about environment, and support for the best way to produce our food, which is, I think personally, I think its great. 17

Marc Gondard says the Pacific Voyager's Network trip is supported by a German-based philanthropic organisation, Okeanos.