13 Apr 2011

Delayed French Polynesia assembly sitting

5:07 pm on 13 April 2011

There has been a long delay in starting today's French Polynesia's assembly sitting - the first since a new government was formed last week.

But members have begun discussing a French proposal to change French Polynesia's electoral system - the fourth such change planned by Paris since 2004.

No unified stance has been adopted yet and one day remains before a reply has to be submitted.

In a departure from convention, the sitting was initially chaired by the vice-president of the executive, Antony Geros, as the assembly is still to fill the vacant post of assembly president.

The post was held by Oscar Temaru who co-signed a motion addressed to himself last month which, on passing, made him the new president of the executive.

A fresh election of an assembly president is due on Thursday Tahiti time.