13 Apr 2011

American Samoa's govt seeks thousands of dollars from defunct airline

11:00 am on 13 April 2011

The American Samoa Government and now defunct airline, South Pacific Express Incorporated, are having settlement discussions regarding the airline's unpaid debt of more than 150,000 US dollars.

The government had sought an injunction to prevent SPEX from selling or transferring its assets and other business operations until its debt to the government is cleared.

The government's complaint says SPEX owes over 90,000 in passenger facility charges, 66,500 in landing fees, 4,100 in immigration overtime charges and 630 dollars for airport equipment rental fees.

The government also says one of SPEX's two aircraft left the territory without submitting a general declaration and without paying debts owed to the government.

The government says it is concerned that SPEX is planning to soon have its remaining aircraft leave territory without obtaining necessary clearances as it did with its other plane.