29 Mar 2011

New Fiji sugar price rise unlikely

4:16 pm on 29 March 2011

The Fiji Sugar Corporation says the price of sugar is not expected to increase any further, after prices went up last week.

The price has risen by about 70 percent in the past two weeks incurred from importing sugar from Thailand to make up for the country's failure to produce the forecast quantity of sugar last year.

A spokesman for the FSC, Samuela Railoa, says it is now selling sugar at about 1.43 Fiji dollars per kilogram wholesale and supermarkets are selling it on the shelf for up to 1.90 Fiji dollars.

But he says the price is unlikely to go up any further.

"FSC had advise the increase in price due to the high import costs but we're still selling at far below the landed cost. The consumers have had to pay a bit more than what they were paying before."

Samuela Railoa says Fiji has imported 4,000 tonnes of sugar so far and another 6,000 tonnes is expected to arrive before June.