24 Mar 2011

Hawaii tallies damage from Japan tsunami

1:52 pm on 24 March 2011

Civil Defence officials in Hawaii say the US state suffered more than 30 million US dollars worth of damage from the tsunami almost two weeks ago.

They say a preliminary report has identified damage of more than eight million dollars to state and county infrastructure, such as harbours, ports and roads.

Estimates of damage to businesses are expected to rise but currently stand at 11 million dollars, while primary residences on Hawaii island sustained 2.5 million dollars in damages.

A Civil Defence public information officer Shelly Ichishita says while the tsunami damage is quite localised, it is significant

"Of course we're not seeing anywhere the damage that was experienced in Japan, but what we are seeing is pretty significant for us. Prior to this we've had mostly flood events and what you see there is a lot more widespread damage, not as dramatic as what we're seeing with the tsunami. We had homes that have been pushed off their foundation, that have been washed into the bay."

Shelly Ichishita says Hawaii is likely to seek federal assistance by the end of the week.