15 Mar 2011

Inquiry call over American Samoa tsunami warning glitch

2:02 pm on 15 March 2011

A Pago Pago lawmaker in American Samoa, Vaamua Henry Sesepasara, says he wants an inquiry into why the siren warning system for Pago Pago malfunctioned during last week's tsunami threat.

Vaamua says the siren system in Pago Pago didn't activate until after 4:10 a.m on Friday local time, but it should have sounded more than an hour earlier.

He says the siren sounded after the first wave for the tsunami was due to reach local shores.

Vaamua says a man had to hop on the back of another and manually turn the warning system on.

He says when it did sound it was loud and gave clear instructions but he said it's evident that there are still problems with the system.