15 Mar 2011

Calls for a best behaviour competition in Vanuatu

9:45 am on 15 March 2011

A former chairman of the Port Vila town council of chiefs in Vanuatu, John Maurice Tarilama, has proposed a competition to see which community or province shows the best behaviour.

This comes amid concern over crime, including two killings, in the capital area in the past year.

Chief Tarilama says the competition should last between two and five years and at the end, chiefs will judge which provincial community has caused the fewest problems in town.

He says this is best way to encourage others to change their behavior.

Chief Tarilama says there are constitutional issues in wanting to repatriate the unemployed back to their home islands.

He says other chiefs and pastors in Port Vila have launched a group known as Chiefs and Gospel to share religious and customary principles to the different communities in Port Vila.