9 Mar 2011

Aims to bring more traditional knowledge into mainstream education

7:58 pm on 9 March 2011

A meeting in New Zealand is exploring how to incorporate more traditional Maori and Pacific knowledge and culture into mainstream education.

Adult and Community Education Aotearoa is facilitating the gathering in Auckland for over one hundred Maori and Pacific Island educators from around New Zealand.

There are different keynote speakers and sessions ranging from digital storytelling, to incorporating culture into numeracy and literacy, and using more social media in learning.

The agency's professional development and networks manager, Analiese Robertson, says the theme is E is for Everything - and the letter E stands for epistemology.

"Epistemology is about the study of knowledge. And what we want to affirm is the study of knowledge that's specific to Maori and Pacific Island peoples, in terms of the migration, bout how we do things, and how we do things in our communities, and with our families and friends. The main goal and objective behind this, is empowering our people to be able to not just work within our world, but be able to function in the mainstream world."

Adult and Community Education Aotearoa's Analiese Robertson.