9 Mar 2011

American Samoa fishers will soon export fresh fish

8:24 am on 9 March 2011

American Samoa fishers may soon be able to export fresh fish.

The facility manager of Samoa Tuna Processors which is taking over the abandoned Chicken of the Sea cannery, Greg Double, says they are presently working with local fishermen on a trial shipment to develop their procedures for the fresh fish business.

Mr Double says the Atu'u plant will undergo a major renovation but they are ready to conduct trial shipments of fresh fish.

He says they're trying to find a way that would make the Samoa fish industry a strong sustainable industry success and they don't expect to get it right overnight.

"That's new for some of the operations at the cannery but is something we feel would benefit the local fishing community here. We think it has a positive spin on the fishing industry for the Samoan islands."