28 Feb 2011

Fiji politician unclear about reason for assault by military

2:28 pm on 28 February 2011

A former Fiji politician says he never knew exactly what regulations he broke that landed him in detention at the Queen Elizabeth barracks in Suva.

Samisoni Tikonisau, also known as Sam Speight, says he was taken from his office after 10 o'clock at night last Monday.

Mr Tikonisau says he was beaten savagely and denied contact to his family during the three-day ordeal.

He says the soldiers who questioned him referred to the public emergency regulations imposed since 2009.

"They seemed to think I had violated some of those conditions of that regulation, but it was not even explained to me as to what part of the regulation or what referrence was made to any of the emergency regulations that I had violated."

Samisoni Tikonisau says as soon as he was released, his family, fearing for his life, organised for him to be flown to Australia for treatment.

He says he feels his detention at the barracks was a personal issue against him.