22 Feb 2011

Chile reforms on Easter Island seen as window dressing

8:04 pm on 22 February 2011

A political scientist who's studied land tenure on Rapa Nui says Chile's package to address the concerns of indigenous Rapa Nui won't appease the activists behind land protests on the island.

Chile's revealed plans for more teaching in the Rapa Nui mother tongue, road, port and tourism improvements, migration controls and progression on land claims.

But Lorenz Gonschor says the main issue is the return of land to the Rapa Nui.

"All this is kind of window dressing in order to avoid doing the real thing they have to do which was the cause of all these protests, meaning the restoration of all the usurped lands to the Rapa Nui community."

Political scientist Lorenz Gonschor, who is based in Hawaii.