16 Feb 2011

Typhoid fever oubreak in Fiji's Natisiri contained, says Health Ministry

8:53 pm on 16 February 2011

Fiji's Ministry of Health says it has contained a typhoid fever oubreak in Natisiri and will start a mass vaccination programme in the affected area next week.

The deputy secretary for Public Health, Dr Joe Koroivueta, says the latest typhoid outbreak affected people from eight remote villages and broke out two weeks ago.

More than a hundred people were thought to be suffering from typhoid fever when Ministry of Health officials were dispatched to the area, with a curfew initially imposed to prevent its spread.

Dr Koroivueta says ten people had to be hospitalised but all have now been discharged and no one has died as a result of the disease.

The curfew has been lifted.

"All the hospitalised cases have been sent home, they've been managed, and all the suspected cases too, they have also been treated."

Dr Joe Koroivueta says all people affected hadn't previously been vaccinated against typhoid fever.