16 Feb 2011

Solomons investement call to use tourism potential

4:09 pm on 16 February 2011

The Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau believes the government must invest in the development of infrastructure in order to fulfill its tourism potential.

The country's Tourism Task Force hopes to generate up to 366 million US dollars to achieve its five-year action plan to develop the tourism industry.

The General Manager of the Visitors Bureau, Michael Tokuru, says the country has great potential to become a major attraction in the Pacific region because of its natural beauty.

But he says there is a need to develop infrastructure, including air fields in the rural areas.

"If you know Solomon Islands, we have about four major air fields apart from the capital Honiara and there are a lot more air-fields that need upgrading. So basically one of the major issues is regarding to upgrading tourism infrastructure."

Michael Tokuru says the country also needs more up-market hotels, better airline services and more products to offer visitors.