16 Feb 2011

Two former Samoa MPs kept off electoral roll

4:08 pm on 16 February 2011

The Supreme Court in Samoa has ruled against a bid by two former ruling HRPP party MPs to be registered as voters in next month's elections.

One of the former MPs, Pa'u Sefo Pa'u, had lost his seat because of bribery and treating in the 2006 polls.

Another former MP, Letoa Rita Pa'u, who is the daughter of Pa'u Sefo, had won a by-election held on September of the same year but lost her seat because of bribery and treating.

Their names were entered in the Corrupt Practices List and barred from the electoral roll for four years.

The four-year term was expired last December but the registration of voters and electors was closed in early November.

The two wanted to have their names re-entered but the chief justice, Patu Falefatu Sapolu, ruled that the rolls were closed before the four-year term penalty expired.