9 Feb 2011

Solomons' opposition says claims of Australian political interference are nonsense

2:36 pm on 9 February 2011

The Solomon Islands opposition is dismissing claims the Australian government is backing its efforts to topple the Prime Minister.

A Solomon Islands government intelligence report claims Australia was unhappy with the Prime Minister Danny Philip's announcement of a five-year exit strategy for the Regional Assistance Mission.

It says money is being used to encourage government MPs to cross the floor, and that the judicial system is infiltrated by people who are friendly to the oppostion.

But the deputy opposition leader Matthew Wale says the report is nonsense

"It would be a fairly stupid thing for any government to do to be involved in that way in the domestic politics and affairs of another state and I would think it would be unimaginable for the Australian government to want to involve itself in that way here in the Solomons. It really is a very stupid piece of rubbish."

Matthew Wale says the government is trying to distract people from issues of leadership and governance.

The Australian High Commission has also denied the allegations.