7 Feb 2011

Hopes that Fiji media censors will soon be out of newsrooms

8:02 pm on 7 February 2011

The media representative on Fiji's Media Industry Development Authority, Matai Akau'ola, says he's hopeful government censors will be removed from newsrooms soon.

Media commentators say that both government and self-censorship has been hampering Fiji media since the Media Decree was enacted last year.

Goverment censors in newsrooms were installed as part of the Public Emergency Regulations which remain in place.

However the government had earlier signalled that the regulations would be removed once the Decree was in place.

Mr Akau'ola says one of the main concerns media outlets have is the continued presence in newsrooms of government censors:

"The media industry is trying its best to put its good foot forward and at the same time the powers that be will have to play their part. It's a win-win for everyone if we see that there's a removal of censors and the media is given the freedom to do what it's called to do."

Matai Akau'ola