8 Feb 2011

Solomon Islands govt MPs submit resignations again

7:27 am on 8 February 2011

The Solomon Islands government has confirmed that two ministers have resigned for a second time.

The Lands Minister Martin Sopaghe and Mines Minister Mark Kemakeza had returned to the government ranks after first resigning several weeks ago, but have now submitted their resignations again.

There have been a series of ministerial resignations in recent weeks, and the opposition has been pushing for parliament to be called so the government's majority can be tested.

But the Prime Minister's press secretary, Alfred Sasako maintains the numbers are evenly split 24-24.

"It leaves the government on a position that we will not be swayed by whatever they do. We are focussed on the budget until the time set by the government and that is that the meeting of parliament will proceed as planned in March."

Alfred Sasako says he has received no information about a near brawl which local media report broke out between government and opposition supporters at a press conference to announce the resignations.