7 Feb 2011

Fiji Media Industry Development Authority described as lacking legitimacy

2:29 pm on 7 February 2011

A Pacific media commentator says the Fiji Media Industry Development Authority still lacks legitimacy despite its move to consult more widely about its role.

The Authority has begun holding regular meetings to explain its work to media representatives.

The chair of the Authority, Professor Subramani, says there's considerable misunderstanding about the "true intentions" of the Media Decree.

He says the Decree's provisions are aimed at improving the discipline and objectivity of Fiji media services.

But Dr Mark Hayes says that since the Decree came into force last April, self-censorship has taken grip of the Fiji media.

"Nobody is saying the Fiji media didn't have its problems. The Fiji media did have problems of responsibility, accountability and capacity. But the Media Industry Development Authority imposed by the military dictatorship is not the way to go because it doesn't have any constitutional legitimacy."

Dr Mark Hayes