2 Feb 2011

Solomons government claims another minister back in the fold

11:28 am on 2 February 2011

The office of the Solomon Islands Prime Minister says MP Stanley Sofu is being resworn in as Public Service Minister today.

The Prime Minister's press secretary Alfred Sasako says other members may also be sworn in today but will not say who they will be.

The opposition has claimed that it has the numbers to challenge the government's majority, but Mr Sasako says the government now has about 27 members.

He says the government has passed the critical stage and is on much safer ground than it was three days ago.

He says the government is still on track to present a budget to parliament some time in March.

Mr Sasako says allegations that threats were made against former ministers Bodo Dettke and Douglas Ete have no credibility.

He says there are no concerns the political situation could lead to a threat to security, unless it is instigated by the opposition or the interference of a foreign government.