27 Jan 2011

Solomons' opposition talks to lawyers over early parole given MP

7:31 pm on 27 January 2011

The Solomon Islands opposition says its seeking legal advice to challenge the decision by the parole board to release MP Jimmy Lusibaea from prison while he awaits his appeal.

The North Malaita MP was released on licence from prison almost two weeks ago, after being sentenced in November to two years and nine months in jail on assault charges.

The Solomon Star reports that the speaker of parliament, Sir Allan Kemakeza says that because his effective sentence is now less than six months, Mr Lusibaea can still perform his responsibilities as an MP.

But the opposition press secretary, Deli Oso says they're seeking legal advice on the issue

"We want an explanation on the parole board's decision to recommend the release of Lusibaea to the Minister. The opposition feels that there are no good grounds considered for the release of Lusibaea by the parole board. The opposition feels that Lusibaea has only served weeks."

Opposition press secretary Deli Oso