21 Jan 2011

Report four Solomon Islands ministers plan to switch to opposition

9:36 am on 21 January 2011

It's being reported that four government ministers in Solomon Islands have publicly declared their intention to cross the floor and join the Opposition.

The Solomon Star reports that Forests Minister Douglas Ete, Fisheries Minister Bodo Dettke, Lands Minister Martin Sopaghe, and Mines Minister Mark Kemakeza have agreed to resign their ministerial portfolios and join the Opposition.

At a reconciliation ceremony organised for three of the ministers and the opposition, Douglas Ete told the paper they no longer have trust and confidence in the current government.

He says a total of eight government members intend to move to the opposition but that could increase to eleven by the end of the week.

The Solomon Star understands the ministers are not happy with some cabinet decisions included the reduction of a fisheries fine imposed by Fisheries Minister Bodo Dettke, and the government's handling of the export of beche-de-mer.

Yesterday the Prime Minister's press secretary Alfred Sasako said they were not aware of any minister's intention to resign.