20 Jan 2011

Solomons government says rehabilitation a factor in MP's release

8:15 am on 20 January 2011

A spokesperson for the Solomon Islands Prime Minister says the parole board recommended the release of MP Jimmy Lusibaea, in part because it would not assist his rehabilitation to remain in prison.

The former fisheries minister was released less than two months after receiving a two year and nine month jail sentence for unlawfully wounding a person and assaulting a police officer.

The Prime Minister Danny Philip's press secretary Alfred Sasako says the parole board told him new legislation requires it to place more emphasis on rehabilitation, rather than punitive measures.

He says this was an important factor in the board's parole recommendation for Lusibaea and another prisoner

"On the basis of a report that they received from the correctional services commissioner, the prison has a problem when it comes to rehabilitating. They found no issue with these two individuals, that keeping them there is like keeping someone who is not sick in hospital."

Alfred Sasako