11 Jan 2011

Sarkozy criticised over Tahiti warnings

4:23 pm on 11 January 2011

A leading French Polynesian pro-independence politician, Antony Geros, is critical of the French President Nicholas Sarkozy who warned of French intervention if the territory ends up in a mess.

Mr Sarkozy has used an address to the French overseas to tell them that a new electoral system will be put in place in Tahiti so that the territory can be governed properly, in an allusion to the political situation of the last seven years

He also says France will have no scruples if it needs to intervene.

Mr Geros has told local public radio that Mr Sarkozy has only himself to blame for how things evolved.

"It's quite simple. He organised this mess so there is no point for him to complain about it now. We were a majority to rise up against this new voting system in 2007. They didn't want to know and now you harvest the result."

A new electoral system is to be put in place but observers say there is unlikely to be an election before 2013.