4 Jan 2011

Jailed Solomon Islands Minister could apply for release under amnesty act

2:49 pm on 4 January 2011

A lawyer for the jailed former Solomon Islands Fisheries Minister, Jimmy Lusibaea, says he could apply for release from Police custody through a Prerogative Mercy Committee under the Amnesty Act.

ANA Legal Services lawyer, Charles Ashley, told SIBC News that the criminal acts committed by the MP for North Malaita falls within the amnesty period.

The Prerogative Mercy Committee has the power to pardon a convicted person.

Mr Ashley is representing Lusibaea in a separate civil case against the Director of the Public Prosecutions.

He is suing the DPP on the grounds that Lusibaea's whole case is a breach of the Amnesty Act Provisions and the Constitution Amendment in 2001.

Last week he applied for Lusibaea's release while waiting for the case to come before the High Court, but the judge refused to grant the application.

Lusibaea was convicted to two years nine months imprisonment in November last year for unlawfully wounding a person and assaulting a police officer on the execution of his duty at the National Referral Hospital.