30 Dec 2010

One escaped Vanuatu inmate back in jail

2:36 pm on 30 December 2010

One of eight escaped prisoners in Vanuatu has handed himself in to authorities.

The Vanuatu Correctional Services in Port Vila says the men escaped during Family Day celebrations on Monday evening.

The prisoners appear to have cut open the mesh wire in a recreational hall and then jumped over a fence and made their escape.

The head of the service, Johnny Marango, says one man went to relatives, who returned him to prison.

"There's still seven on the run and [an] eyewitness has confirmed that three of them are armed with guns. We need to get all of them and then investigate more, investigate that. At the moment we are working with the police, with the Vanuatu Mobile Forces, we've had an operation since the beginning of this week."

Johnny Marango says about 50 personnel are involved in the hunt.