29 Dec 2010

Tonga Democrats accept two top jobs, seek more

6:19 pm on 29 December 2010

Pro-democracy party MPs in Tonga say they have accepted offers of two positions in the new Cabinet.

The leader of the Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands, Akilisi Pohiva, has been offered Health, while another party MP, the Tongatapu number 4 people's representative, Isileli Pulu, has been offered Education.

Mr Pulu says the party held a meeting to decide if accepting the two positions was the right way forward:

"At the same time we are still trying to see if we can increase the number to say four or five whatever and that's what we've been doing at the moment, but we accept the offer."

Isileli Pulu says a first Cabinet meeting of Nobles and independent MPs will be held on Thursday or Friday and his party is likely to know the final number of Cabinet posts offered to them early next week.