16 Dec 2010

Tonga's new inter island ferry sets sail

8:51 am on 16 December 2010

Tonga's new inter island ferry, the MV 'Otuanga'ofa, set sail last night with over 100 passengers on its first voyage to the outer islands of Ha'apai and Vava'u.

The CEO of the Friendly Island Shipping Agency, Vaka'uta Pola Vi, told Matangi Tonga Online he's pleased the ferry is finally sailing.

The ferry, which replaces the Princess Ashika which sank last year, has been tied up at the wharf for two months after arriving from Japan because due to upgrade work on the ship and also crew selections.

The MV 'Otuanga'ofa is expected to arrive at Pangai today before departing for Neiafu and returning back to Nuku'alofa tomorrow.

Mr Pola Vi added the ferry would also begin commercial sailing's next week.