15 Dec 2010

Samoa's PM to meet reverend calling for an end to Sunday trading

6:53 am on 15 December 2010

A church leader has plans to meet with Samoa's Prime Minister today to lobby for the introduction of a ban on Sunday trading for businesses.

The Reverend Elder, Eteuati Pasia, of the Congregational Christian Church in Samoa, says he's concerned about the increasing number of mainly Chinese owned stores not only opening on Sundays, but also for longer hours.

He says he blames the non-attendance of parishioners who are store employees being too tired to attend church.

"I'm not so happy about this idea of opening these small shops on Sunday as well as buying and selling so many goods on Sunday."

Rev Elder Eteuati Pasia says he's noticed an increasing number of stalls open for business at all hours at the marketplace, as well as more food places that are now opening to trade on Sundays.