13 Dec 2010

Jakarta approach on developing Papua described as half-hearted

2:47 pm on 13 December 2010

An Indonesian Human Rights Campaigner says the need for reform of the military and police, as well as improved implementation of Special Autonomy Status in Papua is greater than ever.

Rusdi Marpaung, a Senior researcher with the Indonesia NGO Imparsial, says the rights of Papuans and their prospects for development remain bleak while the security situation in the region continues to deteriorate.

A wide range of civil society groups in Indonesia believe that Special Autonomy hasn't been properly implemented.

Rusdi says Jakarta has been half-hearted about delivering on its co-called "prosperity approach" in Papua.

"Implementation should be supported by political will and concrete action from Indonesia which up until now I think has been getting worse, especially when we know there's an increase of security (forces) members and violence there."

Rusdi Marpaung