10 Dec 2010

Solomons says emission cuts still priority at Cancun talks

5:29 pm on 10 December 2010

Solomon Islands Ambassador to the United Nations says gaining agreement on reducing greenhouse gases remains the Pacific's top priority at the climate change talks in Mexico, but says the pledges currently on the table don't go far enough.

Ambassador Collin Beck says he's hoping for a balanced set of decisions from the Cancun talks, but the situation is still fluid.

He says developed countries are giving mixed signals on whether they will sign up to a second commitment to the Kyoto Protocol on reducing emissions.

He says countries are currently not even living up to the promises made at last year's Copenhagen talks

"When they keep speaking of the Copenhagen Accord it keeps bringing back not only bad memories but it has yet to deliver. And it is done on a voluntary basis, but even the targets that is spelt out in the accord cannot be met below two degrees, because so far the pledges on the table, the temperature will rise beyond three degrees celsius."

Collin Beck says countries such as Kiribati still haven't received the climate change funding that was pledged at Copenhagen.