7 Dec 2010

Failure of PNG parliament to sit required days labelled an appalling breach

2:31 pm on 7 December 2010

Transparency International in Papua New Guinea has admonished the government for again failing to have parliament sit for the constitutionally required number of days.

The institution is obliged to sit for 63 days in a calendar year but has met for just a handful in 2010, with one session lasting just a day as the government scrambled to avoid a vote of no confidence.

The acting chair of TI, Lawrence Stephens, says it's become a regular occurrence despite court directives that parliament meet its constitutional obligations.

"It's an appalling way of behaving when we do have rules which these same people will tell the rest of us we should be following when it comes to basic ways of behaving in the community, but simply decide not to apply the laws of Papua New Guinea to their activities."

The Opposition has indicated it may take the government to court for breaching the constitution.