3 Dec 2010

Coast Guard turns up second body of group lost at sea in Marshall Islands

6:56 am on 3 December 2010

The second body of four people lost at sea in the Marshall Islands a week ago has been found by a United States Coast Guard plane following an all-day search.

Hope for finding any of the remaining boat passengers alive is fading as the search enters its seventh day and U.S. Coast Guard planes are temporarily out of service.

The Coast Guard says the body of a pregnant female was spotted floating 80 miles east of Majuro using radar.

A patrol vessel is to be dispatched at first light to attempt to pick up the body of Baby Kaiko, who was reported to be seven months pregnant.

The body of high school student Anwel Anwel was brought back to Majuro yesterday after being found by one of about a dozen vessels that joined in an intensive search for survivors.