2 Dec 2010

Solomons suffers from nurses shortage

5:50 pm on 2 December 2010

The Solomon Islands Ministry of Health says a shortage of nurses isn't restricted to just the operating theatre, and the National Referral Hospital may need almost double the number it has now.

Surgeons are quoted by the Solomon Star as saying many patients needing operations in recent weeks were sent back because there are not enough theatre nurses.

The national head of nursing services, Michael Larui, says there are about 200 nurses at the hospital now, and a recent proposal says they made need 350.

"The operating theatre is a very interesting place. I think it's more than numbers. I think the issue there is also related to recognising the work that they do, in terms of giving them allowances and things like that."

Michael Larui says a proposal has been made to increase the number of nurses, and is being looked at, but the Government has frozen recruitment.